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You can’t win relying on “best practices” alone.

Sometimes, you need to be the change agent in your industry.


Whether that's through spirited conversations or bringing counterpoints to the table.


Join Leadtail and our community of B2B marketing executives and experts to hear how they're affecting change now and how you can start using tomorrow's best practices today.

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Branding & User Experience Trends You Can't Ignore | Doug Hughmanick, ANML

Branding & User Experience Trends You Can't Ignore | Doug Hughmanick, ANML

Discover why consistency across platforms is non-negotiable, the art of aligning different departments for a seamless user journey, and the innovative strategies for ensuring a frictionless user experience. Doug Hughmanick and Danielle also explores the fascinating realm of immersive instruction and mixed reality, revealing how these technologies are redefining engagement and education in the digital age. ANML is a studio specializing in digital products, web and brand, that would be awesome. Learn more at 🎧 Tune in to unearth: - The critical importance of starting with a solid core user experience before branching out. - Effective leadership in overseeing cohesive brand journeys. - Practical strategies for aligning product and marketing visions. - The significance of maintaining voice and branding consistency across all platforms. - Future trends in branding, including immersive instruction and mixed reality. ----------- 0:00 - Introduction 1:07 - Branding from the Inside Out 3:36 - Leadership and Ownership of Brand Journey 5:17 - Aligning Departments for Cohesion 6:32 - Change Our Social Voice 8:06 - Consistency Across Platforms 9:30 - Biggest Branding Mistakes 11:25 - Strategies for Streamlining User Experience 13:08 - Learning from Competitors 15:39 - Looking Beyond Competitors 18:09 - Immersive Instruction and Mixed Reality Insights 21:54 - What Marketer's Need to Take Away 23:57 - Exciting Trends in the Industry
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